I’m sure at this point there are few who have closely followed this site over time.  If you have, you may have remembered a pretty full-featured site with inadequate and infrequent content, the recent past where it was an unattractive and almost contentless website, and now where we have a nice clean and simple design, and where we are gradually increasing the amount of content. The common theme over the years is that this project has been in the best of times a passive hobby and at worst totally neglected. It is time for a change!

I have a plan that is solidifying to make this a valuable source of information and resources for teachers.  The first goal is to be consistent.  I will publish a post at least weekly beginning in October 2021. My second goal is to create ready-to-use tools for teachers to implement in the classroom. I may include a little news, humor, and opinion, but the focus will be on the tools that you can use to teach in the classroom.

The blog will share details about the resources we produced, guidance on how to use them, and a sample of the resources.  The resources will be available for a small price on the Teachers-Pay-Teachers website.  If you would like the resources for free you can subscribe to our newsletter which will contain a link to download the resource for free. There will be two separate newsletters for Elementary Education and Special Education that go out once a month.

We hope that you will enjoy and value this new direction.