There are many places to find materials out on the web. The challenge is finding good resources that follow a logical methodology over time. Worksheets for Preschool is an amazing well-targeted resource that will meet that need. While I personally don’t teach preschool, I have found these resources very helpful for my special education students. In the next few paragraphs, I’ll explain why this resource is so good.

These recently released David Dolphin Workbooks have a unique approach to education. You won’t find preschool learning material like these anywhere else! The Workbooks cover many key concepts shapes, color, counting, sounds, writing, addition, and subtraction. They are also targeted at the age level of your students and match the optimal learning level of the age group.

The biggest key to success is the variety of activities that make the lessons fun and engaging. Children love them! If you are teaching preschool, Kindergarten, or Special Education to young students the worksheets for the preschools program is definitely worth a look.