n many places we are back to in person instruction, but unfortunately there are many who still are having to educate remotely. This is a challenge under normal circumstances, but when we are dealing with a child with disabilities it becomes far more difficult. It is important that parents have a way to develop skills and strategies to work better with their child. I’ve created this list of online disabilities training sites that we could suggest to parents if they are looking.

Training Sites for Parents

  • https://iris.peabody.vanderbilt.edu/ The IRIS Center is a national center dedicated to improving education outcomes for all children. They have many free resources to help you learn the best research based techniques for dealing with a multitude of disabilities.

  • https://www.additudemag.com/?s=webinars Additude Magazine has many webinars to help those working with ADD. The skills learned here can easily be used for many types of challenging children where behavior is an issue.

  • https://www.abaparenttraining.com/ ABA Parenting is a site focused on teaching Applied Behavioral Analysis to parents. They have a large number of courses available for sale.

  • https://www.sdparent.org/family-resources Many states have resources including online training available for parents. One great example is the South Dakota Parent Connection.

Udemy has many courses that could help parents. I have included links to a few of the best.