Adapting to create great results


About 10 minutes before school Monday morning the lights flickered then went out.  Our classroom is 1:1 and my plans are heavily based on the use of chrome books.  They all have batteries but the internet needed power to work.  It was nessisary to figure out something else and to top it off the kids were being sent to our room early because the lunchroom was too dark.  The result was one of the best writing lessons of the year. 

We started the lesson by going outside in the wet fresh snow and spent about half an hour letting the kids create snow sculptures.  I had snow volcanoes, a giant snow man, an elephant and an amazing giant bunny.  The kids found a group they wanted to work with and came up with something interesting and great.   

We returned to the class room and pulled out the paper.  The promt that they were given was, "imagine your snow creation came to life". It was amazing to see the students jump in.  Even my most reluctant writers jumped into the assignment with full force. The results may have lacked some grammatical proficiency but the ideas flowed and it made for a fun night of reading student stories.   

As I share this my intention is not to suggest snow sculpture writing assignments is a great teaching idea.  My intention is to share that trying to find natural interesting activities to enhance student learning, is only a little crisis away.