February Writing Prompts


February is a fantastic month for writing. We have Valentine's Day which is great for love stories, Presidents' Day where we can honor the accomplishments of our great leaders, it's a great month for winter stories, and we can even celebrate invention and innovation on Thomas Edison's birthday. I have made a collection of my favorite writing prompts for the month of February. Each prompt is in large bold letters that are easy to read from the board, they are also accompanied by beautiful images to help stimulate the imagination.

I personally use these prompts for fourth-grade students, but most are very appropriate for third through eighth grade.


I have included multiple formats to best meet your needs.

  • Web-based-On this site each prompt will be posted daily on the writing prompt blog.
  • PowerPoint presentation-you can also download the complete PowerPoint, you're welcome to edit and make any changes you need to best meet your classrooms needs.
  • Individual images-I personally like to insert the images in my LMS Schoology has an assignment. Having each of the individual images makes this easy.