Readworks is an amazing resource for Reading Instruction

One of the big challenges we face in reading instruction is finding great materials to read that are aligned with our students ability level, aligned with the core, and that do not have copyright issues.  Readworks has a great collection so far and continues to grow rapidly.  What exactly is read works? 

The non-profit ReadWorks is committed to solving the nation’s reading comprehension crisis by giving teachers the research-proven tools and support they need to improve the academic achievement of their students.
ReadWorks provides research-based units, lessons, and authentic, leveled non-fiction and literary passages directly to educators online, for free, to be shared broadly.
The ReadWorks curriculum is aligned to the Common Core State Standards and the standards of all 50 states. Most importantly, ReadWorks is faithful to the most effective research-proven instructional practices in reading comprehension.

ReadWorks has texts for every grade level and most concepts that are taught. ReadWorks has become my go to place to find reading materials for instruction.