What is #favral?

I'm trying an experiment mostly because I'm always interested in finding great books to read to my students, but partially because I like science.  I am in the process of trying to start a new Twitter tag called #favral.  #favral stands for Favorite Read-a-Loud.  I would like for teachers to share when they come across a great new book that is ideal for reading to students or children.  It could be anything from a shorter picture book to a novel.  It should involve a great story that lends itself to class discussion.  

Is it possible for me with fairly few followers to start something so big? Well I must admit I'm a bit pessimistic, but not so pessimistic that I didn't try.   If you have an amazing book that you read to your students please share and put my pessimism to rest. 

You can find more information and see some of the shares on the #favral page