Why I decided to be a teacher? #youredustory

When I graduated from High School I was very interested in theater arts.  While I wasn’t much of an actor, I loved the technical site like lighting and stage design.  In my freshman year of college I signed up as a theater major, and by the end of my freshman year it was clear that would not be my major when I graduated.  I still loved the work, but the schedule and lifestyle it would entail was just not for me.

After my freshman year I took a two year break from school to serve a mission for my church in Japan. As part of that service we taught free english conservation classes as a service.  This was really my first experience teaching and it was definitely a highlight of the work I was doing. A few months in I was assigned to the kids class, and it was amazing.  Seeing the excitement of a child learning something new was fun and magical.  I continued to teach the children’s class as I was transferred from city to city throughout Northern Japan.  I even had some opportunities to volunteer in schools and preschools.  While there wasn’t a single moment that made me wan’t to teach the cumulation of all of these experiences built up a desire for that profession.  

When I returned home I looked at two life paths.  I considered International Business because I spoke fluent Japanese, and education.  If I made the choice based off income, it’s pretty obvious I wouldn’t be blogging here.  I choose education because it fit a life style that I wanted.  The schedule was reasonable, although I work far more than I thought I would, and I could easily live in a small town. As an added benefit I get to see those amazing aha moments in my students. 

I’ve been teaching now for going on 17 years, and love it even more today that when I started.  The pay isn’t great but through some side businesses we have made it work.  I am happy to be a teacher, I love having the time to support my own children in their activities, and I love living in this great little community.  I made the right choice for me.