Junk science that educators love

I am writing in response to an info graphic posted on  


Overall the info graphic was interesting, but a few of its conclusions were a stretch to say the least.  First it establishes the the Finnish school system does a much better job of educating its students.  It then shares a couple of very logical reasons for their success like class sizes of about 15 or requiring teachers to have masters degrees.

Where it goes wrong is when they take a few of there personal pet peeves and throw them in as reasons for the discrepancy between the education systems.  The first example is citing that homework is not given in Finland. While there are studies showing that homework may not be effective, there is no research that shows it would harm a students education. Another reason they site is the U.S. has excessive standardized tests.  While this may be true, I don't believe that reducing the number of standardized tests would result in a major boost in student performance.  While I too am not a great fan of excessive testing or homework that have no place in an objective look at why these school systems have such different results.

If we jump to these silly conclusions based on our pet peeves we loose credit once we share our thoughts outside of the teacher world.