Great Planning tool awaits with!

If your teacher lesson plan book is still made from trees, you are missing out on some great features.  There are many options for online lesson plans, and I have tried most, but one tool stood out and became my favorite. seems to have it all. is not necessarily easy to set up, but they have great video tutorials to help you get started.  Once you get through setting it up though it is very easy to plan quickly and has all the features that I need. The key features I was looking for are as follows:

  • Templates - I can set up each subject to have a basic outline for the lesson plan and it will copy through every day in that subject for the year.  
  • Built in standards - All of Utah's and I imagine most state standards are built in.  This means when I link a lesson to a standard I just have to search and add.  There is also an option to view all of the standards and it will show how many lessons have been taught for each standard.  
  • iPad App - This one was the tipping point between and another app with similar features.  The other site had a mobile enabled site, but it was limited and didn't work well.  I needed something that works great on the web, and on my iPad.
  • Ease of Use - I have developed a bad habit of winging it when I don't take the time to plan.  There needed to be no barriers to planning. is easy enough to use that I never have any trouble taking the few minutes to plan out a day.
  • Printable - While I rarely print out lesson plans for my own use, I like to print them out for subs. makes it easy to print out great looking easy to follow plans for subs. has met my need to be a quick easy way to get my daily lesson planning done quickly and efficiently.  Check it out at PlanBook.Com.