Today's updates for our site

Today I started a few different things on I've started going through many of my pictures and started collecting some photos that I feel are valuable education. These pictures will be free to use for anyone who wants to use them for the classroom. I hope that this will become a collection that will be easy to pronounce and have useful pictures that you could use some power points, websites, and other projects to use in your classroom. My only restriction is that I ask that you do not post these pictures on other stock photography websites.  

I have also started to new blogs where I will definitely post in writing topic and a math problem today. I askmy students write in their journals daily and I will be using this these resources for my own classroom, and welcome anybody else who would like to use them. I teach fourth grade but I think the topics are appropriate from about 3rd to 6th Grade.  The problem of the day will be at the world math problem usually requires several steps to complete. They might need a little bit of guidance to get started.