My Book Mark List

Teacher Book Marks Blog

I was trying to find a site I wanted to use but didn't write down the link this morning and had a tough time finding it.  unfortunately I failed to bookmark it.  While I eventually found it in my history, I decided that I would really like to have all of the sites I come across that spark my interest to have a central place where I can find it.  Now I could use the bookmarks built into Chrome, but that limits my list to just me, so I decided to start a blog for my book marks.

If you are looking for in depth reviews and analysis of many educational website, this new blog is not for you.  It is basically a link and a one sentence description of the site.  It is valuable for discovery, at the time of this post it has about ten links, but I expect it to grow quickly. 

I will continue to write full reviews for some of my favorite online tools on this blog.