Teacher Tech Tool Box Revision coming soon!

The Teacher’s Tech Toolbox started out as page on my website Sugoiteaching.com. On that site I gave a list of the programs, websites, and technology tools that I used in the classroom. I also gave a brief description of what each of these tools were for and how I use them. In the following years the technology has changed, and I have changed many of the tools that I was using. In addition to that I believe that it’s time to step up the game, and make this a resource that is truly valuable to teachers. Over the next couple months I intend to make an intensive revision to the Teachers Technology Toolbox.

In the end I’m hoping that my finished product will consist of two primary parts. The first part will be a much enhanced website that lists each of the technology tools and has links to videos that walks teachers through the basics of using each of the tools. The second part will be a book, which will include a chapter on how I make the technology tools work in my schedule, in addition to a chapter with detailed instructions for each of the tools.

I will be selling the book portion on Amazon for an eBook Price of $4.99, However all subscribers to my news letter will receive a free eBook version of the book when released.  Right now I am thinking that the news letter will be a monthly thing, but I commit to never sending anything to this email list more than once a week. 

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