How to get a child to sit in their chair. (Should We)

I read an interesting series of posts on a bulletin board on LinkedIn where a question was posed.  My students are in first grade. One of them never sit down on his chair!  What can I do?  The responses that were posted were very good and I though I should share a few of the best.

Otis said, "I have had students like this. It is really challenging and sometimes what I would do is set up a work station or area where that student can work standing up. After a while, I begin the slowly transition the child to a chair, little by little, sometimes just five minutes at a time. I also buy a bunch of cheap bath mats for kids who struggle with chairs and have them work on those on the floor."A teacher replied to this and a few other suggestions in a condescending way so I will not quote her, but she did make a few good points.  She questioned the necessity of worrying about a child who liked to stand more than they sat.  She stated that we should focus more on the work that is produced by the child, than whether the child is sitting or standing. 

There are a lot of options to adress this problem from Duct Taping the child to the chair (based on the Florida case this is not the best plan) to totally not worrying about it.  While our world is changing and more people are using standing work stations, or exercise balls, it is not everywhere.  Our job is to prepare children for their future, and as a first grader is facing at least 11-to-15 more years of school where sitting is expected , not addressing the issue is irresponsable in my opinion.  Although we need to adress it it also is not a critical issue.  That is why I like Otis's idea.  It adresses the issue without being confrontative or making too big of deal about it.