Getting Things Done

If you are one of the few who follow this site, you know that it is not updated as much as it should be. I,as many other teachers, feel that there is far to much to do and that leaves hobbies such as blogs on the back burner.
I have just finished listening to a book called Getting Things Done by David Allen. I was able to implement some of the skills taught in this book and have finally found myself with a clear vision of what needs to be done. This book is great and can fit into most people's life style.
As teachers we sometimes avoid reading material that we perceive as being developed for the business field. This book however is ideally suited for teachers. The key to the system is having a systematic way to process information and paper that crosses our desk. I can't think of another profession that handles more information and paper than an educator.
If you are like me and struggling to get on top of it all, taking a closer look at Getting Things Done. You'll see how effective it is for me based on the frequency of posts following today.