New Year of Teaching Goals!

Every year at this time we tend to reflect on how we are doing and set goals to improve.  I like many others have set a few reselutions.  The one I feel is most important deals with becoming a better teacher.  I have in mind several specific ideas to make this happen, and I felt it would be valuable to share some of my ideas.

First and formost I need to get to know my students better.  I feel that I have a great relationship with my students but I think it is more important than ever to build a stronger relationship of trust between my students and I.  If students feel comfortable in the classroom and they trus you as a teacher it is far easier for students to learn.  I feel that this also helps students cope with challenges better and can prevent disastorous outcomes of students feel like they don't belong.

Second, I will create more of my own content.  I use many resources to help me teach, from textbooks to websites, some are great and some are just not.  I have spent far more time looking for adaquate replacements than it would take to create my own.  I have decided to start with my weakest resource areas and create my own tools, such as worksheets, report outlines, and study guides to better serve my students.  The upside is that I will then have some great resources to share on this site.

Finally, I would like to focus more on individual students progress.  I have reciently added a significant amount of technology to my classroom that makes it fast and easy to to monitor student progress.  This will allow me more time to focus on individual student needs, I intend to use that time well.  I will also gladly share in future posts some of the tech tools I have aquired and tell how I got them.

The new year, is a great time in the middle of the school year to reflect on how we've been doing, and refocus our efforts in order to give our students the best education possible.  Our job is very important, we must do it well.