Why we started the "Teacher Tech Tool Box"

When rethinking what Sugoi Teaching could be in a world crowded with blogs I realized that what teachers need is not a giant database of every resource imagionable.  There are many vast resources with thousands of links to thousands of lesson plans and websites that vary significantly in quality.  Although this site may become large, with a lot of resources, my goal is not to list every possible tool, but simply to offer a few of the best.  凄い(Sugoi) roughly translates to amazing.  The tools and resources that we put on our site need to live up to that name.

Our first attempt to put this vision into practice is the Teacher's Tech Tool Box".  This page will list only the technologies that I feel are the best out there.  They are tools that I not only think "Oh thats cool" but that I have implemented in my classroom.  It's possible and likely that some of the resources may not be the absolute best, but this site is for teachers, and so I will not consider programs that are marketed primarily to districts.  In other words if a teacher, on a teachers salery can not reasonably obtain it without the school or district approval, it will not be considered.  

I hope that you will find this concise listing of valuable tools helpfull.  If you are interested in implementing or expanding your use of technology, these are the essential tools you should be using.