An Angel Among Us

Today I attended the Funeral of one of the greatest teachers to join our profession. Angel Randall was not a master of technology. She didn't have years of experience, in fact due to the brain tumor that took her life she spent a short two and a half years in the classroom. What she did have was a passion for teaching and a genuine love and concern for each one of her students. She spent countless late nights at the school preparing exciting and fun lessons for her first grade class. Much of that time was spent on preparing a lesson to help a struggling child who needed a little individual attention. Her students overcame many challenges and were all blessed to be in her classroom. They mentioned that she would often write individual notes to each child, a practice that did not stop when she was no longer teaching.

After the diagnosis it had effected her motion on the left side and her speech to the point where she was no longer able to teach. The prognosis was 6 months to a year at most. That was over two years ago. These two years were not waisted. She often came in to the school to read with struggling students, each year her students would receive individual hand written notes, and she wrote a beautiful children's book called "Snow Angels".

She reminds me that we must not forget the most important aspects of teaching. We must love education, and most importantly we must love our students. If we start with that we will take the time to develop our skills and lessons to give our students the best education possible.