This American Life talks Education

The popular NPR radio show This American Life focused on education this week.  Instead of tackling the hot button issues that have been pushed to the forefront in Chicago, they focused on education from a different angle.  There is some interesting new research out regarding what skills are essential for success in life.  

We have been focusing on academic subjects such as math, writing, and reading, but these are not the only things that determine success. There are many skills such as perseverance, hard work, and social skills that influence the person success. That is why dropouts who go on to pass their GED and get a high school diploma still are statistically far behind those who graduate from high school.

 If you're interested in learning more about these skills I strongly suggest that you listen to this week's This American Life called  Back to School.

. It is based on a book written by Paul Though entitled How Children Succeed  If you have anything to do with education, whether you're a teacher or administrator you should definitely listen to the podcast, and I highly recommend reading the book.