Great books to teach Voice

If you are looking for the great books to teach the Voiced Trait, this article gives you a few great suggestions. Modeling is a critical part of teaching the 6+1 Writing Traits. THe modeling should come from Both Professional writers and other students.

Once Upon a Motor Cycle Dude -Kevin O'Malley is a fantastic fairy tale as told by two Children using Fantastic voice.
Earrings -Judith Viorst This story is filled with fantastic voice. In addition to voice it is a fantastic example of a persuasive piece.
Voices in the Park -Anthony Browne Is a simple story about a visit to the park that is told from the four different perspectives of the main characters. It clearly illustrates how the same story changes depending on the perspective and voice.
Can you Make a Scary Face? -Jan Thomas. It's a short fun story that involves the audience in some very fun activities as the story is read.
Dirty Laundry Pile -Paul B. Jeneczko Is a book of poetry as told from the prospective of many different perspectives of characters and objects.
The Bee Tree -Patricia Polacco A sweet story about a girl and her grandfather that teaches the value of reading.