The New Site for EdTechReview

If you have been directed here in search of a specific article from the previous and can not find it here, I'm sorry. I have neglected the previous site for far too long, and am focused on this new more comprehensive teaching site. I originally was going to leave the old site up but it's Wordpress installation was corrupt so it would not upgrade correctly leaving it open to security flaws. When it successfully was hacked into a few days ago I immediately pulled it down and downloaded the database of blog posts.
I decided that it would be good to make EdTechReview a part of a site I am actively updating rather than putting it back together to sit and languish in obscurity. As I prepared to import tho old stories I looked through the list to find that many of the articles are totally obsolete, or are ads or press releases from companies and products that do not fit well. I have since decided that I will go through and only load articles that I think still have some value. They may not talk about the current version of a product but they still direct you to valuable resources. If you happen to find that the article you were looking for isn't here it's OK it probably wasn't that good anyway.