The 10 Best Math Activity Pages

There are many great sites out there for better teaching students about math skills. Here are a few of the best sites I've found and use on a regular basis. I must admit I have not visited all of the math sites on the web, so to say they are the 10 Best Math Sites on the Web may be a stretch, but they are the 10 Best Math Activity sites that I have found so far. If you have a site that you think should be mentioned please leave a comment and share. Enjoy the Ten Best Math activity pages!

  1. - The A+ Math site helps students learn mathematics interactively with a mathematics game room, flashcards, and practice sheets.
  2. - Coolmath4kids is a colorful Web site (how did they make that dangly cursor?!) that has fun mathematics activities for children and adults age 3 and up.
  3. - Edinformatics: Information for the Information Age offers many links to online mathematics sites for instruction, practice, and games. Descriptors tell the age level (kids, teens, mature teens) of each site.
  4. - Figure This! Math Challenges for Families has a teacher's kit complete with a PowerPoint presentation and blackline masters to introduce this series of family problem-solving mathematics challenges to parents. The grade levels of the activities range from grades 1 through 6.
  5. - This site has resource links for parents and educators of children grades pre-K to 6.
  6. - This site presents 10 tips for selecting mathematics instruction software for students with learning disabilities.
  7. - The Math Forum @ Drexel Web site offers arithmetic software or sites, some for purchase, some for downloading; other lists of links; and descriptions of the programs.
  8. - This virtual library of interactive manipulatives for interactive mathematics for pre-K to grade 12 comes from Utah State University.
  9. - This site has many interesting science, early education, activity, and organization links for elementary school teachers and for parents of elementary children. Some of the sites are free and some charge a fee for their materials.
  10. ---The Exciting Math Website For Kids providesmath skills development programs are research based, and seem to work well.