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Is this the end of cursive ? (Christian Science Monitor) Because of the rise of the information age, keyboarding ha been gaining ground in it's amount of time dedicated to it's instruction.   There assumption indicates that this time is replacing cursive instruction.  Although this may be the case it does not need to be.  I do question how much time should be spent specifically on any handwriting instruction beyond second grade, but I don't think cursive will disappear any time soon.  I don't believe it is the place of technology to replace other subjects, rather it's purpose is to enhance and improve instruction.  The biggest challenge we would face in replacing handwriting skills is practicality.  Although computers are taking over handwriting tasks, we still teach in classrooms where a majority of work still takes place using a pencil.  until every child has a computer and it's socially acceptable to use a computer in all types of places, the mostt efficient for of writing, Cursive, will still have its place.