Flash Cards online

http://www.flashcardexchange.com Using flash cards does not really seem like it belongs in a technology  blog, but I have found a site that makes great use of the internet community to take this old educational tool to a new level.  Flash cards are still around because they are very effective.  The challange is finding flash cards that match your content well.  FlashCardExchange.com is a web based community where thousands of flash card sets are shared.  Regardless of the subject you are bound to find a set of flash cards that will meet your needs.  If you happen to need a more specialized set it is easy to create and share your own set of flash cards.  It seems that most of the files availible are text based, but you do have the capability of uploading pictures.  The site is free for online use, and $19.95 for the ability to print, or download the cards sets.  The $19.95 provides you with a licence for life.