ELMO Document camera

I have been using an overhead projector for many years in my teachin practice.  It was great, I could face the students when I write, I could copy worksheets on a transparency so the kids could see it, and more.  Although it was great it did have a few disadvantages.  First even whan in good focus small text was difficult to read at times, Wet erase markers were big and it was difficult to write small enough, and third you had to think ahead and make sure you had transparencies made. I reciently recieved a document camera that is connected to the HD Projector in my room.  The Document Camera is made by ELMO and the projector is an Epson.  It has been wonderfull and has a few inherent advantages over an overhead.  First it is ready all the time.  I can take any worksheet or book and put it under the camera and it is projected crystal clear on the screen.  This has been very usefull when using reference materials in which I don't have a class set.  I've put encyclopedia pages up about things that came up in classroom discussion.  The picutures are displayed in full color, and the text is easy to read.  It is easy to zoom in and focus on particular items.  I was worried that writing in pencil would not show up well, but it shows up on the projection darker and clearer that it is on the actual page.  I have been very impresses with this new tool, and it has significantly improved my instruction.  I'm sorry Overhead you will have to move to make Room for Elmo.