Dapple is a great Geology Teaching Tool!

http://dapple.geosoft.com/default.asp Dapple makes it easy to find and visualize massive quantities of geoscientific data available on the Internet.

  • View geoscience data, satellite imagery, remote sensing data, geology maps, geophysical data, and many other earth data sets of interest to geoscientists.
  • Save an earth view and share your view with colleagues.
  • Add new Geosoft DAP and WMS servers of interest.
  • View GeoTIFF files.

Dapple is a great resource and product. It is fun to use, and interesting. Is it a replacement to Google Earth? well no. Google Earth has many capabilities that make it a powerful tool itself. Dapple is a great addition to Google Earth however, and is great for those that really want to get in to geology.