5 best Rubric Makers

Rubrics have become an essential part of teaching, because they provide a clear picture of student expectations.  It is possible to create a rubric from scratch, but there are a variety of free and low cost tools that will help you create rubrics with ease.  I looked at several products out there for this task and have narrowed it down to the five most notable solutions.  They include free and paid web based solutions, as well as software based solution to meet ever rubric creation need. http://rubistar.4teachers.orgRubistar is my pick as the best rubric site on the internet. There are a wide variety of rubrics to get you started, and they are very customizable. With a free account you can save all your custom rubrics and can access them wherever you have internet access. http://landmark-project.com/rubric_builder/index.php The Landmark Project Rubric Builder is a great easy tool to get you started in creating rubrics. In addition to a wide variety of public rubrics to get you started, it contains powerful creation and editing capabilities. It does require registration but it is free. http://www.teach-nology.com/web_tools/rubrics/ Teach-Nology has a wide variety of ready made rubrics. You can enter the title, school name, and teacher name, but that is the extent of customization available. The strength of the site is the sheer number of ready to go rubrics available. With a paid membership starting at $29.95 you gain access to a more powerful rubric engine with many more rubrics to choose from. Rubrics can also be exported to Word or PDF to further customize and save them. http://www.rubrics.com Rubricator 5 is a software based solution.  It is a great solution for those that don't have constant access to the internet or simply want to have a solution that is always there when they need it.  The software is easy to use and comes with many objectives built in, offering you draog and drop simplicity and efficiency.  It is available for both PC and MAC and is $25. http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/templates  For those of you that know exactly what they want. and want total control over the format and wording, Microsoft Office is a great tool.  they do provide a template to get you going, but your options are truly endless.  The downside is you have to do it start to finish.  I would love to tell you that Iwork has a template for rubrics for my Mac using readers, but alas the selection of templates available for Iwork is pretty limited.