Tux Paint A great tool at a great price.

Tux Paint is a free program that enables creative youngsters with fun easy to use tools to create amazing works of art. Tux paint is available to download for free, or it can be purchased on a CD-Rom for a very low price. The download is available at http://www.newbreedsoftware.com/tuxpaint/download/

The interface of this application is very appealing for kids. The screen is a fixed size with a palate of basic tools and a few special tools that make drawing and creating fun. You have your basic brush tool that you can easily change the size and color of. It also has a wide array of typical paint application tools. In addition to the basics is has magic tools that allow a child to paint with stars, rainbows, and many other unique things. It also has a set of stamps that have many animals, cars, and other pictures that you can simply stamp into your picture. I recommend that also download the stamp pack which greatly increases the amount of stamps available.

This application is good for schools because it is open source and can be installed on all computers in a lab or school free of charge. The downside to this is that he file management is poor, and becomes problematic when you get many students who have created many pictures. Tux paint will run on Windows, Mac OS X (Currently no Classic is available) and Linux.