Trying out Windows Live write

Windows Live Writer is a part of the Windows live tools available at .  The download aslo includes a variety of other applications for managing photos, making movies, email application, and IM.  As a side note if you are using outlook express, you should immediately download the new Live mail app.  it is a huge step up.

The live writer application is a blogging application that lets you blog right from your desktop.  It was very easy to set up.  I simply typed in the name of my blog, the user name, and password, and waited a few seconds as it configured everything.


Adding Photos seems to work good, and is far easier than adding them from the web interface.  It ads the picture to your windows live photo albums and links up so you are not using space on your server.


Adding Tables

Which is a great  way to organize.
Is also easy!

Unless trying to write sentences in them.



I think that the real value in this application is that it makes it very easy for both teachers and students to blog.  Because the interface is clean and far easier to understand than many of the web interfaces, it eliminates the barriers of entry into the blogging world.  Windows Live Writer is definitely worth a look and for the price of free why not?