Internet Safety for Students (CyberNetiquette)

When it comes to safety on the internet we can't be to careful we need to teach our students the importance of internet safety so that they don't make critical errors in judgment. We hear on the news frequently about predators who have posted false profiles on web sites and chat rooms to reach children and lure them into a dangerous and sometimes deadly situation. The police are doing what they can do by using the same methods the predators use to lure kids in, yet they can only stop and catch a small percentage of these predators. The best method of preventing this is to teach our children proper internet use and safety. Education is a powerful tool.

Over the next few weeks I will take a day to review a internet safety site so that you will have some resources available to teach your students. The first site is called CyberNetiquette which is produced by Disney it can be found at:

CyberNetiquette is a fun website with very attractive flash animations that kids can go though to learn about internet safety. The activities feature familiar characters such as the Three Little Pigs, Mr. Toad, and the ever famous dwarf Grumpy. These sites are good for students 3rd grade up to about 6th grade. They are not effective for lower grades because there is a fair amount of reading involved and it takes a basic knowledge of computing to figure out the navigation. The animations themselves are fun and visually appealing. The content is good but not real in depth. It covers basic rules, which would work good for a first introduction. The downside of the site is the obtrusive advertising. I even got a popup. I understand the need for advertising, but I do not agree on putting a popup for a credit card on a public service site intended for children.

I have used this site with my students and overall they have enjoyed it. Look for another safety site review next week.