Don't let tech get in the way of good teaching.

Often we who love technology spend a great deal of time and effort implementing technology in our classrooms. In most cases it is a beneficial endeavor, but there are times when we get to focused on the tech that learning suffers. The biggest trap is time. Often we will spend inordinate amounts of time on a project with limited learning potential in order to implement a technology aspect to it. Other traps we fall into is testing a technology with the class and finding we need to use time to trouble shoot instead of teach. Upgrading to the most recent versions of software can also present problems. One example of this is that I have upgraded to the most recent version of office on my teacher computer but the student lab is still on the previous version. When I show students how to do something it does not match what they will see when they try it. Technology can be a great enhancement to our teaching but we must be aware of it's use to make surest does not get in the way.