Brain Pop

My Primary job is as a Special Education teacher. I really enjoy working with the students I have despite the learning disabilities. The challenge is in scheduling. It is difficult to help students an individual level, addressing the individual needs of each students. Enter Brain Pop. Brain Pop offers a vast series of flash movies that cover topics across the curriculum. the movies I have used are fun and entertaining while covering key facts and information. The movie is followed by a quiz that students can print out results to turn in. The movies and quiz take from five to ten minutes. This has become a valuable tool that I use daily in my instruction.

The downside is definitely price. It is somewhat reasonable for a whole school ($850) implementation as compared to other resources, yet the $150 price tag for English only and over $200 for bi-lingual versions put it a little bit out of reach for a single resource. Even with the price tag it may be worth looking at.

Download an informational brochure produced a great book Popular Science: Almanac for Kids that can be found on