Apples iPad-Where does it fit?

With the announcement of Apples new iPad devise there is a lot of skepticism among the tech analysts on whether or not this devise really has a market. I personally am glad to see Apple's judgment get questioned by the fan-boy media, however in this case I thing Apple has the potential to hit a home run. For me personally it answers a big need. I currently have an iPod Touch with a fair amount of money and time invested in apps for it. I am also in the market for a phone. So I should just get an iPhone and transfer all of that over, right? Wrong, AT&T has no coverage for my area. Besides that I no longer believe that the iPhone is the toughest kid on the block in the cell phone arena. Android based systems will quickly overtake the iPhones momentum, because they are open for developers, and open to all carriers. The iPad is the perfect answer for my problem, because the apps I use the most will still be available and even more useful on the iPad, and can easily switch to an android based mobile phone without giving up my Apps, or having to carry two pocket sized devises. The implications on schools could be tremendous, if Apple can refocus it's efforts on in the education market, and get a little more competitive pricing. This is a perfect student device because students can type, communicate, and have textbooks all in one relatively affordable device. There would be a need to disable some options such as itunes store, appstore, and there would need to be an easy method to image devices for a whole classroom. Whether Apple will work with these things and make it possible remains a question. If Apple doesn't there will likely be a similar device that will soon. Either way Apple has created a class of devise that will eventually revolutionize our classrooms. The days of each student having a computer devise are not too far away.