Activote with Activboard from Promethean Changed the Way I teach!

I have been using the Activboard with the Activate from Promethean for about 1 month now, and it has had a significant impact on the way I teach.  I assume that the use of any electronic whiteboard technology would have a similar impact but I have been very happy with the Promethean products.  Promethean focuses only on the education market so their products and software work great for schools.  They have a rich database of ready made activities so preparation is minimal.  Even if I do need to create activities from scratch, the software is easy to learn and easy to use so I can create lessons fast. The best part of the combination is the instant feedback I receive when using the Activote system.  The Activote is a remote where students can submit a multiple choice answer with up to 6 options, and the results are instantly recorded and with a tap of the board are displayed.  I often will do a poll on the fly just by writing the question with a marker so that I can instantly know whether or not the students understand a concept. I am converting my multiple choice tests to the Activote system because I can create the test for Activote in about half the time it takes to grade the test by hand. The Activboard has many features beyond the typical writing on the board that make it very powerful. The layers feature makes it possible to do many cool and fun activities. The multimedia tools work well.  The organization of the file system is it's one caveat.  It is a little difficult to figure out how they organize things, but over all it is great.