In Japan when someone sees something that is amazing, beautiful, or just plain cool you will hear the expression "Sugoi". We are attempting to a website that will bring out the best in education and teaching practice.  If we find teaching experiences or practice that is Amazing, beautiful, or simply just plain cool we will be sharing it here.  We will soon be opening things up to allow you to share some of the amazing things that you have seen or done.

What's EdTechReview? EdTechReview, is a collection of blog posts that the founder of Sugoi Teaching Michael Yardley has done over the past several years.  While the complete blogs, have not been imported because many are old and irelevant, most of the best posts are now here, and all future blog posts regarding tecnology will be found here.

Why the Survey?  Sugoi Teaching is looking for the best in education.  We also want to focus on the most important and most needed areas ineducation.  The Survey allows us to see what is going on in education, gather some of the best techniques being used, and see where specific needs are not being met.  We will parse the information gathered and revevant results will be shared through a variety of posts and a page dedicated the results.  Our goal is to have over 20,000 respondants, so we will be withholing data results untill we get close to that number, but the best of the teaching ideas will be released in blog as soon as we can review them.